Ready-to-Use Bacon Grease…

Who are the geniuses behind this awesome idea?

Bacon Up® Bacon Grease is sold by Better N Bacon LLC (BNB). BNB is a small, family business founded and managed by five siblings. They work with the nation’s largest independent producer of pork & bacon to source and package the bacon grease.

The Better N Bacon siblings

Originally from Western Kentucky, the four brothers and one sister grew up in a house where there was always a can of bacon grease by the stove.

“Start with a Scoop” was a way of life in their kitchen.

A few years ago, they were all together for their annual Thanksgiving Turkey Fry. They had gotten a couple five-gallon drums of bacon grease and used it instead of peanut oil in their turkey fryer. It was a (really delicious) “Eureka!” moment.

Before long, they had formed Better N Bacon and established a working relationship with a world-class pork producer to supply and pack the bacon grease.